eating Lunch on MacDonald Ridge
Welcome to Rich Sobel's Homepage

Here you'll find photos I've taken, links to other sites I like, articles I write, tunes that I composed, places to come hear me play music and the other odds and ends that make up my life. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Susan Blake and I have released our first CD!! For more information about the music, ordering the CD and sample mp3 files go here

The photo at the right is a picture taken by one of my hiking buddies, Tim Epp, on a hike we did to Mts. Webb and MacDonald in the summer of 2003. Great shot, Tim!

For information about the bands I play in or to come to one of my performances check out the Band Schedules page. Or read about my musical history.
New Additions and Updates

August 03.2006- Added code to the old Sybaritic Stringband page to automatically redirect browsers to the new site and added info re my new CD to the homepage
June 11.2006- Added the new Sybaritic String Band site, Added CD release announcement to Rich and Susan page and fixed spacing in left sidebar lists.
April 30.2006- updated my email address.
February 05.2006- updated my Performance schedule.
January 25.2006- updated Sybaritic String Band schedule.
September 22.2005-updated and added graphics and designs to The Sybs page.
September 02.2005- Updated the Sybaritic String Band Schedule and added a link to my flickr photo site in the left sidebar.
June 17.2005- revised the BCMC Essentials of Climbing report
June 14.2005- Added the BCMC Essentials of Climbing trip report
April 21.2005- Updated the Band Schedules
February 21.2005- Added Chapter 5 to the musical history
February 18.2005- Added Prostate Cancer Cell Line database and links to link page. Updated cvs.
January 25.2004- Added new dates to Syb page and Performance Schedules.
December 18.2004- Added new dates to Syb page and Performance Schedules and fixed left sidebar spacings
December 02.2004- Updated the condo pictures page
October 29.2004- Updated the Sybaritic String Band Schedule
October 27.2004- Added the condo pictures page
October 14.2004- reorganize homepage log, fix band schedule, and other odds and ends
Sept 23.2004- Added the Harvey Pass-David Peak trip link
Sept 10.2004- reorganize homepage log and update the hiking page with some new trips
August 06.2004- Fixed more broken stuff on the Webb-MacDonald trip. Added missing links on Homepage.
August 01.2004- Updated and expanded the attempt on Hanging Lake trip. Lots of new pics added. Changed homepage pic to one from the Hanging Lake 2003 attempt
July 19.2004- Updated the performances calendar and the Sybaritic String Band Homepage
May 26.2004- Added a page for Rich and Suze and updated the Performance Schedule and Sybaritic String Band pages.
May 16.2004- Added the Mt Webb and Mt MacDonald attempt on Hanging lake.
May 5.2004- Updated The Sybaritic String Band Homepage and Band Schedules
March 28.2004- Added the Hannegan Pass trip to the hiking page

This site is constantly under reconstruction and development. All feedback and tips are appreciated. To contact Rich, remove the "no---spam" from my email address and then send it.